Welcome toWisdom Montessori Academy

Welcome to Wisdom Montessori Academy, a community based on the philosophy of development and education of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our environment is enriched by current research in early childhood development and psychology.

The mission of our organization revolves around the ideal that every child is born a unique individual. As Montessori teachers, we are trained and committed to the observation of each child’s behavior and interests and to prepare a curricular approach for each individual student’s tendencies and needs.

Hand in hand with this ideal is our belief that parents are the most significant influences in a child’s development. We strive to create a close and collaborative relationship with each family to create a positive environment for each child; through this effort, we hope to allow the learning environment to extend to parents as well as children in being a resource to the families who attend our school. When children are involved in such a supportive, success-oriented community, they gain the unique ability to take responsibility for themselves as individuals, and become sensitive to their own needs and those of others.

This ideal extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom in that we are all part of a world community. We strive to encourage our children to strengthen their own cultural diversity and to appreciate each individual’s strengths and differences. This principle stems from the fact that our children are key players in the future of our society. We encourage knowledge and respect for the earth and its creatures, no matter how small, in an attempt to foster an environment of tolerance and collaboration, the impacts of which will echo through the development of society.

In keeping with this ideal of peaceful and productive progression, we consistently implement “positive discipline”; we establish appropriate limits and guidelines to help each child function in his/her optimal environment. Our programs are thus designed to provide each child with a sense of independence and responsibility.

Through our implementation of these essential elements of our mission, Wisdom Montessori Academy perpetually strives to establish a synergetic community in which children can observe and practice essential social skills, and productive conflict resolution.

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