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Why Montessori ?

We could not explain it better than this video by Trevor Eissler.

Montessori and Traditional Education

Every parent desires to give the right start to their child. We stand by Montessori method of education as it gives a child the best atmosphere to explore, absorb and excel in what they do. The skills they learn in a Montessori classroom stick with them as they grow and help them succeed in all walks of life. See how Montessori approach contrasts traditional methods of education.

Montessori EducationTraditional Learning
 Offers individualized curriculum- Students readiness to learning is respected.Follows a standardized curriculum.
It is all about self paced learning - Teachers help slower students to increase performance by nurturing their love of learning and teaching them how to enjoy tasks that are harder to accomplish. Learning is offered at the groups pace.
Offers freedom of choice of work - Students choose their own work within the curriculum. Everyone does the same work in a traditional setting.
Emphasis in on use of materials for learning -Lets children explore, self-correct and grasp underlying concepts.Teaching is mainly focused on instructions by teachers
Has multiple age groups in a class – This promotes co-operative learning and reduces peer conflicts. Traditional schools don’t offer this setup.
Emphasis is on cognitive development – This Instills skills like reasoning, evaluation and problem solving.Focus more on social development.
Children are encouraged to care for oneself and the learning environment. It teaches them a great life skill. This usually lacks in a traditional system.
Montessori is all about child centered learning - The teacher tailors the curriculum to meet individual child's needs. Traditional schools rely on teacher centered instructions ignoring the intellect of the child. 
Children are self-motivated by Inner pride - Self paced learning lets each child celebrate one's own achievements. His reward is usually a boost in self-esteem and feeling of pride.  External rewards are employed in traditional teaching.

Why Choose Us?

• Our Montessori certified teachers have developed a strong Montessori curriculum and kid friendly environment that parents trust
• We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to our kids
• We provide a wholesome food menu for our kids
• You will be impressed with how much our kids learn and grow at school
• Our tuition rates are competitive with other preschool choices parents have
• Our parent testimonials are a pat on our back and keep motivating us to do even better

Admission Process

A tour of our school is part of our application process. We invite your child and you to visit our facility. Kindly call or email us to schedule a tour. You can also submit your contact information and we can call you to schedule the tour. We request that both parents be present at this visit. You will meet with the Director and take a school tour. An application form for admission is required to be completed. We strive to maintain a gender and age balance in our classrooms. We will determine the appropriate classroom for your child. Upon acceptance, your child's name will be placed on our enrollment list. The Enrollment Packet and applicable fee are to be submitted at this time. If the classrooms are full, your child's name will be added to the waiting list. Once a spot is available you will be contacted to offer your child the spot.