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WMA Infant Program


The Infants Program at Wisdom Montessori Academy serves the needs of children from 6 weeks to 18 months.
Our infant program nurtures the sense of trust and security in each child. The space is safe and designed to meet the developmental needs of the youngest members of our community. From birth, babies are marvelous learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds and feel of the world. Our teachers are models for the students and interact with the babies through singing, speaking, rocking, holding, laughing and smiling. The Montessori education at this level is based on both child and brain development. Our teachers embrace a child-centered philosophy that demands a respect for the child and support for all his incredible potential. Within the safety of the prepared environment and under the watchful observation and guidance of the teachers, the child is free to explore his new world. The teachers aid the child as he develops hand-eye coordination, grasping skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language and coordination of their body through movement.
To learn more visit the admissions page or contact us.